Selecting high qualit

The company produces all products, raw materials have strict testing, need to meet certain standards, from the source to ensure the quality of product

Advanced production equipment

The factory has a large-scale factory production workshop, the introduction of advanced production equipment in many industries, production to achieve

Complete product category

All products and raw materials produced by our company have strict testing, and need to meet certain standards to ensure the quality of products from

Fast delivery speed

Our factory has a large factory workshop, and imports many advanced production equipment in the industry. The production realizes complete automation,



Since its inception, Pengxiang Enterprise specializes in the production of automotive PP refitting surroundings, SUV pedals, CNN, daylight, ABS tail fins and other refitted parts. Products are suitable for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Porsche, Land Rover and other series of models. Products are exported to the Middle East, Germany, the United States, South Africa and other dozens of countries and regions. The company is one of the largest PP refitting manufacturers in China. In the industry is the leader. PP has been continuously developed to surround more than 100 sets of styles, installation location coincidence of 100%. Welcome to join us in research and development. Our factory has strong technology development ability and technical force, complete production equipment, and has dozens of production lines dedicated to 125g to 1000g injection moulding machines, advanced technology and perfect testing facilities. The companys product quality is reliable and stable. Enterprises have...





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